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"Vendor Managed Inventory is a strategic program for us. With Datalliance, we've been able to drive down costs for both us and our distributors while improving fill rates and better collaborating on product life cycle management."

Mike Heard
Manager of VMI Services
Rockwell Automation

"Our partnership with Datalliance has enabled Berk-Tek to streamline the ordering process with our largest Channel Partner. It's clear that Datalliance VMI has led to increased sales, improved customer service, and reduced process errors".

Paul F Trunk
Sr. VP Sales & Marketing

Datalliance VMI is a proven Vendor Managed Inventory service that is comprehensive and sophisticated, while at the same time easy to deploy and operate. Datalliance enables suppliers and their customers (e.g. distributors, retailers, OEMs, or product end users) to quickly establish an effective Vendor Managed Inventory process that:

  • Fully aligns business objectives
  • Improves collaboration
  • Streamlines supply chain operations
  • Fosters stronger relationships

The result is increased profits for both trading partners due to:

  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved service
  • Increased sales
  • Streamlined operations

Comprehensive, Flexible, Scalable, and Practical

Datalliance VMI delivers the full range of Vendor Managed Inventory capabilities. It is highly effective for virtually any product mix and scalable to any number of locations.

Because it is delivered via the Internet using the 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) model - not as a software product you must install and maintain - Datalliance VMI requires no additional information technology staff or equipment to support your Vendor Managed Inventory efforts.

The Right Mix of People, Processes, and Technology

Datalliance VMI is much more than just data processing and information delivery. As a complete service, it includes experienced professionals to help you implement, manage, and fully utilize your Vendor Managed Inventory program. Datalliance operations personnel work 24x7 to ensure the smooth flow of information, while a sophisticated data center provides high availability and tight data security. Customer Care representatives are always available to answer questions, resolve problems, and handle changes. Datalliance executives provide insight into industry trends and best practices, assist with developing your overall Vendor Managed Inventory strategy, and help you profitably grow the program over time.


Datalliance VMI is a highly proven service. Datalliance has been helping leading companies implement and manage their Vendor Managed Inventory programs since 1991. Today, Datalliance VMI is one of the most widely deployed Vendor Managed Inventory services in the world. Suppliers, distributors, retailers, and end customers rely on Datalliance VMI to manage millions of SKUs and billions of dollars in inventory across thousands of locations each and every day. Because of the success of Datalliance VMI, new locations are being added every week.

Constantly Improving

Datalliance VMI is continually improved based on the experiences of industry leaders. The Datalliance VMI customer base spans a wide range of industries with diverse markets, products, and customer types; and with locations across North America and throughout the world. Besides providing the basis for stability and economies of scale, this broad customer base represents a user community that continually generates innovative new ideas. Many companies are happy to share their Vendor Managed Inventory successes with other members of the community through communication channels, such as the Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory Forum and Datalliance Customer Newsletter. New capabilities are continuously incorporated into the Datalliance VMI service based on the sharing of experiences within this community of leading companies.

Predictable Total Cost of Ownership

Datalliance VMI is structured to contain program costs and make them completely predictable. Because Datalliance VMI is offered using the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, there are no up front costs for software development or equipment purchases - just a set annual fee. Suppliers and customers are completely insulated from future costs of technology and infrastructure changes. The cost of program operation is largely based on the number of locations, making it easy to predict over time. There are no hidden fees, charges, or surprises. The supplier controls participation in the program, and return on investment is transparent and easily measured.

Furthermore, Datalliance VMI is offered as a service with no long term commitments required of suppliers. Therefore, Datalliance can only be successful if suppliers continually receive value from their Vendor Managed Inventory programs. Toward that end, Datalliance is dedicated to delivering a high quality, highly reliable service that continuously delivers increasing value over time.

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