VMI Benefits for Customer
VMI Benefits for Supplier

Why do Vendor Managed Inventory? What are the Benefits?

"A well-structured VMI agreement has the potential to provide benefits for both the supplier and customer. If each partner concentrates on its core competences, both firms can increase their productivity and profitability."

Jon Schreibfeder
Effective Inventory Management, Inc.

"We are able to manage three times more business with our suppliers doing VMI than with our non-VMI suppliers."

Steve McEnany
Assistant VP of Marketing and eCommerce
Midwest Wheel

"VMI changes the level of trust between supplier and distributor. We become closer to our customers."

Tim Bauer
Operations Project Manager
Arvin Meritor

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has consistently provided significant advantages for both the supplier and customer.

For the customer

For the customer, VMI results in increased profitability due to:

  • Reduced inventory/increased turns
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Fewer stock-outs or shortages
  • Increased sales (for distributors and retailers)

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Business Results of Vendor Managed Inventory:

Two Year Cumulative Study

This two year cumulative study proves VMI is an effective tool to improve sales, increase inventory turns, and enhance customer service. The analysis concludes that cumulatively:

  • Sales INCREASED by 47%
  • Inventory turns INCREASED by 38%
  • Out of stocks REDUCED by 45%
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For the supplier

For the supplier, VMI results in increased profitability due to:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Stronger customer relationships

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For both parties

For both parties, VMI also provides:

  • Better information for planning (e.g. demand visibility)
  • A closer, more effective working relationship - both parties work together to sell more to and/or better serve end customers

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