Recap of Danze, Inc., Oatey, and Winsupply VMI Webinar with Guest Moderator Dirk Beveridge

Suppliers and distributors are facing new challenges, and companies like Danze, Inc., Oatey, and Winsupply are positioning themselves to take them on.

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, best-selling author Dirk Beveridge led a panel of VMI users who shared their experiences and successes using Datalliance's supply chain platform. Panel members were Craig Holthus, Director of Key Initiatives, Danze, Inc.; Paul Snyder, Lean Planning Manager, Oatey; and from Winsupply: Michael Magee, Purchasing Manager; Daniel Schouse, Assistant Purchasing Manager; Jay Carson, VMI Buyer/Analyst.

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Introduction and Market Forces with Dirk Beveridge -

Innovation is bypassing distribution because distributors are working off models from 50 years ago. Distributors and suppliers that are collaborating will be the ones that survive. And, this can be accomplished by using strategies like vendor managed inventory because it promotes organizational based trust.


Craig Holthus, Danze, Inc. -

Where and How VMI is being Used

  1. VMI is being used to manage their products in multiple countries
  2. VMI helps them do full truck, pooled truck, alternate sources of supply and warehouse on water distribution

Why VMI is Used

  1. Stronger distributors = Better service
  2. Increases visibility to the needs of markets and partners
  3. Happy customers make happy investors

Things to Remember about VMI

  1. Choose your partners wisely
  2. Be willing to accept changes
  3. Distributors with VMI experience is a bonus
  4. Distributors that use Datalliance's VMI platform is a super bonus


Paul Snyder, Oatey -

History of Oatey and VMI

  1. Started VMI in 2008
  2. Quickly realized tool's power
  3. Stockouts dropped and accuracy of POs increased

Benefits of VMI

  1. Product flow is better
  2. Fulfillment rates went up
  3. Before VMI, turns were all over the place
  4. Post-VMI, turns are much more consistent


Michael Magee, Daniel Schouse, and Jay Carson, Winsupply

Life before VMI

  1. Information gap between buyer and supplier
  2. Hundreds of wasted work hours

Life after VMI

  1. More collaboration between buyer and supplier
  2. Higher inventory productivity
  3. More suppliers while maintaining headcount
  4. Analyzing orders; not entering them
  5. Customers get a more accurate product mix

Identifying Suppliers

  1. Opportunities to improve KPIs
  2. Growth or the potential for growth
  3. Go after big suppliers first


  1. Very aggressive growth goals
  2. Continue to enhance collaboration
  3. Educate internal customers and engage new suppliers faster


(To access the full webinar, Click HERE)

Tom Hoar, Datalliance -

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Overview of VMI Platform

VMI is about better business practices
  1. Collaboration
  2. Terms
  3. Focus
  4. Metrics
  5. Profitability

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