Customer Care


The Customer Care mission is to enhance our customers' experience with Datalliance services through interactions that add value resulting in unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our guiding principles are simple: We do it right and in a timely manner. We work with our customers through the entire process from initial start-up to advanced consulting.

Datalliance makes the implementation and the maintenance of VMI seem like a breeze! When you are looking for more than just a service provider but a partner that helps you to think and grow the business, Datalliance is a good choice!

Kilian Vincke Supply Planning Manager, Federal-Mogul Motorparts

VMI gives us the visibility to respond quickly to both increases and decreases in demand influenced by the economy. This allows us to work with our distributors to refine our replenishment to accurately mirror the actual market demand.

Sam Stantial VP of Sales, Dayton Parts

We've been able to reduce overall inventory. But, more importantly, our inventory product mix is much better, as VMI ensures we have the right inventory on the shelf when the customer needs it. VMI has had a significant impact on eliminating stock-outs, which is the primary reason our branches have bought into the VMI concept so well.

Jerry Espeseth Purchasing and Inventory Manager, Echo

General inquires and more information

Customer Care team 1-888-364-3361

  1. Start-up

    A dedicated project manager or project team will guide you through the implementation steps to get data loaded (yours and your customers’ data) and set the initial configuration to meet your goals. We focus on understanding your business processes and how you work with your customers to ensure that you get off to a great start and can focus on customer satisfaction and enhancing your relationships with your customers. Once your data and that of your first customer is loaded and processed in the Datalliance System, we come to your site to train your users to operate the system using your own data.
  2. Ongoing Support

    From resetting passwords to unlocking a user’s account to answering questions on system functionality, the Customer Care team stands ready to support your users. We maintain trained staff in each of our offices, and encourage users to call or email with questions or requests for support so that we can resolve your issues quickly and you can focus on supporting your customers.
  3. Monitoring

    Having a full and complete view of your customers’ data is a must for making good replenishment decisions. Datalliance Customer Care monitors the receipt of data for over 25,000 locations daily. When expected data is not received, we immediately begin corrective action. We use multiple systems to maintain visibility into each missing data incident and maintain continuous contact with your user team until the data is received and ready for use.
  4. Innovation

    As the team closest to the users with “fingers on the keyboard”, Customer Care is uniquely situated to recommend functional enhancements to the system. Currently, Datalliance deploys 3 new releases of the software annually, with a large percentage of the new functionality requests originating in Customer Care on behalf of our customers.
  5. Advanced Support

    Beyond the support requests noted above, Customer Care actively supports performance improvement by utilizing the current results you are getting for your customers and turning that into recommended changes in the configuration and settings within the system to further improve your results.
  6. Advanced Training and Consulting

    Customers can take advantage of customized training and advanced consulting to further enhance the value they experience with the Datalliance VMI services.. Such tailored programs might include refresher training or training for new hires, advanced capabilities training, and advanced techniques for handling special event such as returns, promotions and new product introductions.