Aaron Spring Chief Information Officer

Aaron has been with Datalliance for over 18 years, of which the last five were spent as the leader of the Development group's interface team. During his tenure he has played a key role in architecting and developing the interface, scheduling, web services, and data integration portions of the application. Aaron will apply his extensive knowledge of the Datalliance system to the challenge of adapting the platform to meet the needs of a global marketplace.

jennifer warner

Jennifer Warner Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer is responsible for all Datalliance administrative functions, including Finance/Accounting, Human Resources and Legal services in both the US and Europe. Jennifer first joined Datalliance in 1999 and has extensive experience in the "back office" functions that are critically important to support our growing organization and facilitate our ability to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers.

Jennifer holds a Master of Business Administration from Mt. St. Joseph University.

doug bethea

Doug Bethea Vice President Consumer Goods Solutions

Doug is responsible for new supply chain innovations to support Datalliance's rapid growth in the consumer goods industry. Doug works closely with suppliers and retailers on new development initiatives that are driving the industry to the next generation of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions.

Prior to joining Datalliance in 2009, Doug spent 30 years at Procter & Gamble in several information technology leadership roles spanning supply chain, customer logistics and sales. Doug led the development of Procter & Gamble’s Continuous Replenishment Program (CRP) that became the VMI standard for the consumer goods industry in the late 1980s.

Doug is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, receiving a B.S. in Industrial Engineering in 1979.

yves boelpaep

Yves Boelpaep General Manager, Datalliance European Operations

Yves leads the European operations team and is focused on the strategies and tactics to continue the growth of the Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) platform and service throughout Europe. Yves joined the company in July 2014 and is located in the Datalliance European headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Yves brings a unique combination of VMI and e-business experience, technical expertise, business strategy proficiency, and organizational development skills to his role as general manager. He has a proven track record in leading diverse groups of sales, technical and support individuals dispersed over a variety of cultures and geographic areas.

Prior to joining Datalliance Yves spent 15 years in various senior IT management roles in global organizations across a variety of industries. His experience includes management of the overall IT portfolio as well as Infrastructure, Operations and Development.

keith hahn

Keith Hahn Vice President of Customer Care

As manager of Datalliance's Customer Care organization, Keith is in charge of all aspects of customer support, including the help line, education, documentation and final testing. During his 20+ year career, Keith has developed an extensive background in training, both in developing and delivering training for a wide audience of users. He was also responsible for the development of operational systems and processes for the leading franchised home repair and remodeling company across North America.