Sioux Chief Selects Datalliance as Platform for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program

Posted on March 16, 2017

Leading Manufacturer of Rough Plumbing Products to Launch VMI Program in early 2017

Sioux Chief Manufacturing (Sioux Chief), a Peculiar, Missouri-based producer of supply, drainage and support rough plumbing products for residential, commercial, industrial and government applications, has selected the Datalliance VMI platform as the technology foundation for the company’s VMI program to be launched in early 2017.

Rex Baer, Sioux Chief Executive Vice President said: “VMI helps us establish more collaborative, data-rich relationships with our wholesaler partners that will help us mutually grow sales by ensuring our product mix assortment is well aligned with markets served. Sioux Chief continually introduces innovative new products and VMI will help us integrate them into appropriate customer markets. Furthermore, VMI will also bring greater supply chain efficiency for both us and our wholesalers. We chose Datalliance because they are well-established in the plumbing industry, they have a tremendous amount of VMI expertise, and their full service model makes them a very good partner.”

Tom Hoar, Datalliance Sales Director, said, “The plumbing industry is broadly embracing the VMI process. Forward-thinking suppliers and wholesalers have seen the benefits in terms of improved service levels, inventory efficiency, visibility and ultimately, end customer sales. Trading partners in these industries are now expanding the use of this collaborative business process – just as other industries have done over the past several years. We are proud to welcome Sioux Chief to the Datalliance customer community. They are dedicated to working with key partners to increase sales and service to their mutual end customers while at the same time streamlining inventory management, order handling and transportation. We are excited to be working with them.”

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