The Datalliance VMI platform is designed to easily integrate with both supplier and customer information systems. For example:

  • Product activity can come from customers using the communication method (e.g. Value Added Network, AS2, FTP, etc.) and data formats (EDI, XML, flat files, etc.) they choose.
  • Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement and other transactions can also be communicated using almost any method and format.
  • Integration with the supplier’s ERP system (e.g. SAP and others) for product availability checks and other functions can be done in a variety of methods from flat file transfer to real time Web Services depending on the capabilities of the ERP system.
  • VMI planners can upload data into Datalliance VMI using Excel spreadsheets in a number of different parts of the system.

Datalliance VMI will quickly and easily fit into your current information systems environment to fully leverage your existing investments.

“We have been able to seamlessly integrate Datalliance (VMI) to serve as our global inventory replenishment system…their expertise and ability to scale quickly has been tremendous”

Manager of Supply Chain Process Improvement, Rockwell Automation

In the past, there were a number of ways for errors to occur on purchase orders to our suppliers. Today, Datalliance VMI verifies all of the critical information before the purchase order is created and prior to any communication with the supplier. This ensures that our purchase orders are clean before they go into our system, which means we get the correct product in a timely manner from our suppliers.

Joe Hart Director of Purchasing and Material Management, KirbyRisk

Oatey chose Datalliance because the software-as-a-service VMI business model was best for us. Their leadership position on VMI in the plumbing segment was critical to our decision process. Datalliance can implement the VMI relationships efficiently so our distributor partners can quickly gain value form the Vendor Managed Inventory process.

Tom O'Flaherty Senior Vice President, Sales, Oatey