System Availability

Datalliance provides software and services that are critical to our customer’s business processes. We therefore hold ourselves to stringent standards for system availability and reliability, and make significant investments in our infrastructure and procedures to ensure that we meet or exceed these goals.

Data Centers

Our systems are located at two sites: our production facility in Hamilton, Ohio, and our recovery facility at our offices in Blue Ash, Ohio. We maintain redundant hardware for every production system at the recovery site.

Our production facility features triple wall construction, advanced fire suppression systems, multiple power substation and grid feeds, 24x7 security and staffing, and has 100% redundancy for power, communications, and environmental systems. The datacenter provider undertakes yearly SSAE16 engagements. Our office recovery systems are protected by UPS and generator, and are connected to the production site by redundant WAN and Internet links.

Communications and Monitoring

Our Customer Care group is available for phone support during normal business hours, and Customer Care staff are paged in the event that a user initiates an issue via voicemail in off-hours periods. In the event of an outage in voice traffic at our offices, we have the ability to redirect all call center traffic to redundant devices on an immediate basis.

The Operations group staff carries a 24x7 pager. Datalliance monitoring systems automatically alert this pager based on multiple classes of system events.

On-call Datalliance staff respond immediately to any paging event based on pre-defined procedures.

Using Datalliance, we have significantly increased our VMI program productivity. That change is enabling us to expand our program to more partners and more locations so we can realize the strategic benefits of VMI across a broader range of our business.

Jonathan Peltzer Sr. Customer Solutions Manager, Dannon

Scalability is not even an issue that we worry about. As we bring more distributors and parts online, Datalliance ensures that the software and hardware are capable of handling our ever-increasing volume of customers and transactions. With these issues in the hands of the experts at Datalliance, we can focus on our business where we are the experts.

Craig Young Director of Electronic Commerce, SKF Vehicle Service Market

Datalliance knows what they are doing, and they focus on the business of VMI every day. They are the industry experts and it would be hard to build the level of trust that we have developed with Datalliance with any other VMI system.

Rod Sanders Manager Information Systems, Consolidated Supply


All production systems are backed up on an hourly basis. These backups are replicated to our warm-site recovery facility over a high-speed WAN link and are available for remote recovery on the same day to duplicate hardware and network devices.

Disaster Recovery

Our comprehensive Business Continuity Plan contains detailed procedures for the recovery processes outlined above. We test these procedures at least once per year by completing a full restore of production systems and data at our recovery site. We review the plan at least twice per year, and update the procedures as needed.