Datalliance Continues Strong Growth in 2015

Posted on February 23, 2016

World’s Largest Provider of Cloud-based Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Platform Services Grows in Global Consumer and Industrial Markets

Datalliance today announced that the company extended its track record of consistent growth for the past 20+ years.Increases came from new and expanded customer subscriptions for the Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) platform and associated services.Fifteen new customers were added in North America and Europe – the most new customers ever added in a single year. Those new customers are or will be managing products as diverse as bearings, toothpaste, valves, toilets, tools, cosmetics, candy, ice cream, pet food, DVDs, first aid products, auto parts, work apparel and more.So the momentum of companies in a variety of consumer and industrial segments moving to VMI by way of Datalliance continues.

As the world’s largest independent Vendor Managed Inventory platform and service provider, Datalliance VMI saw increases in all key volume statistics and now manages over 20,000 locations, 26 million SKU’s, and $40B in annualized customer sales.

The geographic range of locations supported by Datalliance customers also took a leap forward in 2015. Expansion into the Latin American and Asia/Pacific regions accelerated and the first locations in Africa were added. 2015 expansion in those areas were primarily in the electrical and automotive markets, but plans have been put firmly in place by other Datalliance customers to support consumer products as well in the coming year. There has been little or no VMI activity in these areas until now.

Datalliance also continued to develop important new VMI process innovations through delivery of three new releases of its cloud-based VMI platform.Enhancements included important new ways to capture and use demand data, build optimized shipments, handle returns, manage product life cycles, manage product assortments and interact with the Datalliance system.

“We were pleased to see the level of VMI growth in North America, and other parts of the world in 2015,” said Carl Hall, Datalliance CEO and President. “Several of our new customers are transitioning their VMI programs from legacy systems to our Datalliance VMI platform, while others are launching VMI programs for the first time. In some cases, we are working with companies that are pioneering the first use of VMI within their product category.”

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