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Getting Started with Vendor Managed Inventory can be a relatively simple business proposition but does require some thought and planning.

The first two considerations when starting a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program are:

  1. where it will reside in your organization and
  2. which distributor or retailer you want to initially work with

Many suppliers have Customer Service, eCommerce or Supply Chain Operations take on responsibility for the VMI program. And in terms of which distributor or retailer to work with first, consider one that represents a good percentage of your business and with the technical capability to send product activity data.

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“We have been able to seamlessly integrate Datalliance (VMI) to serve as our global inventory replenishment system…their expertise and ability to scale quickly has been tremendous”

Manager of Supply Chain Process Improvement, Rockwell Automation

The transition to Datalliance went smoothly due to on-going dialog and their willingness to customize applications. We are seeing increased analyst efficiency due to the tool's ease of use, which has resulted in the ability to leverage data to make better decisions.

Liz Neuman Director of Consumer Supply Chain Solutions, Kimberly-Clark

We selected Datalliance because of their VMI expertise and experience working with wholesalers in the plumbing industry. Their focus on VMI and their dedicated implementation and customer support resources were important to us.

Randy Lambert VP Logistics, Watts Water Technology

Technical Capabilities

While the technical considerations for a successful Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program are relatively straightforward, it is best to be aware of them in advance. Suppliers need to provide secure network connectivity, the ability to receive an electronic purchase order (850) and provide the product catalog (SIM file). Distributors need to provide 52 weeks or more of sales history, the ability to send product activity data (852) and the ability to receive electronic purchase order acknowledgements (855).

Ask the Experts

At Datalliance, our entire business is focused on helping Suppliers and their trading partners make the best replenishment decisions possible. We know that when choosing a VMI Partner, you want a partner with a deep understanding of inventory and supply chain management. You want a partner that can facilitate consistent, effective communication between the customer and supplier. You want a partner that focuses your attention on the exceptions instead of requiring you to wade through data. And you want a partner that can ensure a reliable operation day-in and day-out.

We're the experts in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

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