The Datalliance VMI platform is deployed in the Cloud using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This enables suppliers and their customers to quickly establish an effective VMI process with minimal investment in Information Technology resources.

The following pages provide a high-level view of the Datalliance technology infrastructure and security practices, as well as our minimal system requirements.

Datalliance has made VMI easier for us. At one time we ran a VMI system in-house and had all of the challenges with hardware and software issues, data quality, and data transmission. Now Datalliance handles all of those issues for us and we focus on building stronger, more effective customer relationships.

John Riley Director, eCommerce, Hubbell Incorporated

We value the benefits of VMI based on our experience with our first-generation, in-house developed VMI system. To expand our VMI program to a broader range of key customers and to realize the full potential of VMI, we determined that we needed to move to the latest technology and find a partner that focused on VMI. As the recognized leader in the utility and electrical markets, Datalliance was a clear choice for us.

Tom MacDonald VP Sales & Marketing, MacLean Power Systems

Datalliance is the only one that provides online information, charting and graphing to give us clear insight into the status and execution of our supply chain. When needed, we can drill down to the appropriate level to identify the cause of an inventory trend or issue. Our buyer and the manufacturer’s planner can then collaborate on the most appropriate course of action.

Rick Bumpus Executive VP and COO, North Coast Electric Company