System Requirements

Leveraging existing customer client and infrastructure components wherever possible, Datalliance integrates with the customer at two interface points: an interactive end-user application, and through automated file transfer. System requirements are as follows:

Client System Requirements

The Datalliance application interface is entirely web-based, and uses software that is standard on most enterprise desktops. Our minimum system requirements for client workstations are as follows:

Datalliance Application System Requirements


1.5GHz+, dual-core Processor, 4GB+ RAM

Operating System

Windows 7 or later


Internet Explorer 10 or later, Firefox 3 or later

Automated File Transfer

Our automated file transfer functions use standard business procedures and protocols to exchange data with suppliers and distributors. In general, we receive product activity data in the form of either EDI 852/INVRPT, XML, or a flat file from our customer’s distributors, and generate a purchase order for delivery to our customers in either EDI 850/875/ORDERS or flat file format. We also receive certain inventory configuration files and master data extracts from suppliers, and, if requested, send distributors a PO acknowledgement file on behalf of our customers. All of these transactions may be transported via AS2, FTP, VAN, or FTPS (FTP over SSH.)

OneSource and Hubbell have a pretty mature relationship. We've been doing a good job of working together to optimize sales and inventory for 20 years. But we still got a notable uptick in key performance metrics when we turned on VMI. We think that's a pretty impressive endorsement of the power of VMI.

Mike Smith President and COO, OneSource

With Datalliance in place, we're more capable than ever to run client VMI programs of any size. We can more efficiently on-board new clients and we can scale our teams more easily.

Sandy Yob Vice President Order to Cash, Advantage Sales and Marketing

By helping us better manage inventory and improve fill rates, we have been able to improve our GMROI for our Siemens products from 1.66% to 1.84%. So for every dollar of Siemens inventory that we bring in, we are able to generate $1.84 of gross margin. This improvement in GMROI is a great trend for us.

Doug Herberg VP of Marketing and Materials, Viking Electric Supply