Plumbing Webinar - Oatey, Danze, Inc, and Winsupply

Datalliance is proud to sponsor the upcoming supply chain webinar, VMI – Increasing, Improving and Smoothing Supply Chain Effectiveness, hosted by The Wholesaler, with presenters from Oatey, Danze, Inc., and Winsupply.

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Webinar Overview - (60 minutes)

Ecommerce’s popularity and rising transportation costs are forcing manufacturers and distributors to collaborate more than ever to remain competitive. Part of this collaboration is the utilization of vendor managed inventory (VMI).

In this webinar, Oatey and Danze, Inc., leading plumbing manufacturers, and Winsupply, a large distributor of residential and commercial construction supplies, will share how VMI enables them to increase sales, improve relationships and smooth variances within the supply chain. All of which help them gain a substantial edge in the marketplace.

Discoveries for Plumbing Manufacturers and Distributors:

• The market forces driving manufacturers and distributors to collaborate
• Learn what makes a good VMI partner, including key metrics
• Discover why VMI increases sales for manufacturers and distributors
• Hear how VMI makes a manufacturer invested in a distributor’s success
• How VMI frees a distributor to focus on revenue-generating activities

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Presenter Bios

Craig HolthausCraig Holthaus, Danze
Danze, Inc.
Director of Key Initiatives
Mr. Holthus is a seasoned houseware and home hardware professional with nearly 27 years of marketing and operations experience. Known for his cross-functional team leadership, strategic planning and process improvement, Mr. Holthus spent 16 years enhancing Danze’s supply chain and information systems, and the last four years directing multiple departments to complete strategic c-suite initiatives. Throughout his career, Mr. Holthus has played an integral part in positioning Danze for future success.

Although Mr. Holthus has lived in Illinois for a very long time, his heart belongs to the Denver Broncos and he cannot wait until they reclaim their rightful place atop the AFC West.

Paul SnyderPaul Snyder, Oatey
Lean Planning Manager

As a logistics expert, Mr. Snyder oversees the strategic deployment and management of planning activities for finished goods. Utilizing cost/benefit analysis, process improvements, carrier negotiations and a host of other advanced logistical approaches, Mr. Snyder helps Oatey’s supply chain become a competitive advantage. Part of that advantage stems from Oatey’s implementation of vendor managed inventory and Mr. Snyder’s ability to understand and apply the principles of vendor managed inventory.

Michael MageeMichael Magee, Winsupply
Winsupply, Inc.
Purchasing Manager

Mr. Magee has more than 10 years of experience in the wholesale distribution industry with a focus on pricing strategies, logistics planning, and managerial approaches. A product of Winsupply’s management program, Mr. Magee has steadily risen through the organization while creating massive cost savings in labor, carrying costs and freight. And, for the last two years, Magee has guided a team of 14 people with the overwhelming majority being a part of the vendor managed inventory group. With more than $450M in annual purchasing spend for Winsupply and $80M in standing average inventory across four regional distribution centers representing 130 suppliers, Mr. Magee’s team has maintained 95% inventory fill rate.

Daniel SchouseDaniel Schouse, Winsupply
Winsupply, Inc.
Assistant Purchasing Manager

A skilled professional in high-volume account pricing, Mr. Schouse is a natural leader who has been praised throughout his career for his ability to develop talent and empower others. With extensive experience in managing customer accounts on the SAP platform, Mr. Schouse understands the power of customer relationship management tools and now applies his past learnings to Winsupply’s vendor managed inventory program.

Jay CarsonJay Carson, Winsupply
Winsupply, Inc.
VMI Buyer/Analyst

Mr. Carson recently earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management. During his studies, Mr. Carson completed a nine-month internship at Winsupply as a Supply Chain and Business Analyst. His ability to quickly learn and adopt real-world principles spurred Winsupply management to hire Mr. Carson as a full-time VMI Buyer and Analyst.

Tom HoarTom Hoar, Datalliance
Industrial Sales Director

Mr. Hoar is an accomplished sales professional with an advanced business degree. He has spent the last 7 years transforming the way the plumbing industry views vendor managed inventory (VMI) and has helped 16 leading plumbing manufacturers and 20-plus plumbing wholesalers leverage the value of VMI.

Moderator Bio

Dirk BeveridgeDirk Beveridge, UnleashWD

Dirk helps leading firms align, focus, and strengthen their sales and leadership strategies to remain relevant, outperform the market, and provide deeper value to customers. He is a leading advocate of change and innovation. As one of the country's most outstanding speakers, he delivers a new voice, a new energy, and a new outlook.