Price and Rebate

TrueCommerce Datalliance Price and Rebate program, formerly Special Price Reconciliation (SPR), is an independent, third-party service that streamlines the process of managing special pricing agreements between suppliers and distributors. Price and Rebate turns this critical but often cumbersome business activity into a collaborative business process that makes it easier for partners to work together to respond to market opportunities while reducing their respective operating costs.

With Datalliance Price and Rebate:

  • Suppliers and distributors utilize a common system that automatically performs all the proper payback calculations using information provided by both parties
  • Each party need only submit the information they naturally maintain, eliminating all of the effort to acquire and process each other's information
  • The system calculates just one number, eliminating the need to compare and reconcile different calculations

Both parties can be confident in payback amounts because the process is fully transparent, with a single statement of agreement terms and detailed audit trails

The Challenge of Special Pricing Agreements

Suppliers frequently offer paybacks, credits or rebates to distributors when they sell to end-customers with special pricing agreements.

Although the process may sound straightforward, it requires a large amount of sales data be compared to the terms of various agreements to determine proper paybacks. Many opportunities exist for mismatches in part numbers, customer IDs, and other data related to the terms of the agreements. The process is often cumbersome, slow, labor-intensive, error prone, and subject to debate for both parties. Distributors are sometimes unsure if they are receiving all the paybacks they are entitled to, and it is difficult for suppliers to be sure all claims are valid.

With each party using their own systems, spreadsheets or manual process for calculating paybacks, it’s no surprise they do not always agree. An ongoing cycle of claim, audit, dispute, is frustrating and time-consuming for both parties.