How Datalliance Price and Rebate Works

Using Datalliance's proprietary process, Datalliance Price and Rebate provides a single, unbiased point of control for calculating distributor paybacks for sales related to suppliers' special pricing agreements.

Datalliance Price and Rebate performs just one payback calculation based on agreement terms clearly specified in advance, and only uses information provided by each party.

  • Flexible agreement definitions support virtually any special pricing agreement.
  • Collaborative data management simplifies the process and minimizes data errors.
    • Suppliers just maintain a product catalog, pricing, and agreement terms
    • Distributors just maintain customer numbers and periodically submit POS data

Transparent & Auditable

Both parties can be confident in the accuracy of payback amounts.

  • Online visibility of agreement terms makes it easy to jointly review and confirm each agreement
  • A full audit trail provides calculation details that make audits fast and easy

Easy Deployment

As an Internet-based service, Datalliance Price and Rebate makes it easy to submit information and receive calculation results.

  • Online maintenance of information makes set-up of agreements fast and easy
  • File transfers using just about any method and format make it easy to send high volume POS data files

Secure and Reliable

Datalliance Price and Rebate leverages the same computing, communications, and solution delivery infrastructure built through years of experience operating collaborative commerce solutions such as vendor managed inventory (VMI) and POS data analysis


Datalliance Price and Rebate replaces what may be significant in-house manpower and systems costs with a reasonable and predictable monthly subscription fee that is kept low because the cost of system operations is shared among a large community of suppliers and distributors.

  • Reduced manpower for data acquisition and maintenance, calculations, auditing, and dispute resolution eliminates significant labor costs
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) approach eliminates the cost of software, hardware and systems management associated with in-house systems
  • Monthly subscription eliminates the need for up front capital expenditures and makes the cost of operation highly predictable

If you, too, would like to have the information you need to efficiently manage your special pricing agreements, contact us today to learn more about Datalliance Price and Rebate and discuss your particular needs