Realize the full power of VMI

Datalliance VMI is a proven Vendor Managed Inventory service that is comprehensive and sophisticated, while at the same time easy to deploy and operate. Datalliance enables suppliers and their trading partners to quickly establish an effective VMI process that:

  • Fully aligns business objectives
  • Improves collaboration
  • Fosters stronger relationships

The result is increased profitability for both trading partners due to:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved service
  • Streamlined supply chain operations

Ensure program success

Datalliance VMI includes everything you need to have confidence in the success of your Vendor Managed Inventory program. It is much more than just data processing and information delivery. As a complete service, it includes experienced professionals to help you implement, manage, and fully utilize your VMI program.

  • Operations personnel ensure the smooth flow of information.
  • A sophisticated data center provides high availability and tight data security.
  • Customer Care representatives are always available to answer questions, resolve problems, handle special situations, and manage changes.

With Datalliance, you always have a VMI service partner you can rely on.

Maximize program productivity

Datalliance VMI enables suppliers to manage a significant level of VMI activity.

  • Data filtering and validity checks throughout the system power an exception-driven approach.
  • Users are automatically alerted to potential problems without the need to wade through long, complicated reports.
  • All the information you need to understand a situation and make a good decision is always just a click away.

With Datalliance, there is no limit to how far you can go with your VMI program.

We conducted a thorough evaluation of what we considered to be all of the major VMI alternatives in the consumer goods arena. Datalliance was chosen based on their lowest total cost of ownership, quick and easy implementation path, application functionality, and their demonstrated track record of success in our industry.

Dan Wynn Chief Operating Officer, Carl Buddig & Company

The direct result of having VMI manage inventory transfers across locations is a significant reduction in emergency orders. Better management of FleetPride’s product transfers and shipping days really cuts down on the number of emergency orders we receive from their individual locations. This saves both Baldwin and FleetPride transportation and freight costs when orders are combined into more efficient weekly shipments.

Kevin Connolly Vice President of Marketing, Baldwin Filters

Minimize program costs

Datalliance VMI is structured to contain program costs and make them completely predictable.

  • No up-front costs for software or equipment purchases
  • No long term commitment
  • No impact from future technology and infrastructure changes
  • No hidden fees, charges, or surprises
  • Annual fee based largely on number of locations, making it easy to predict

There is no more cost-effective platform for your VMI program than Datalliance.

Stay on the leading edge

Datalliance VMI will keep you on the forefront of Vendor Managed Inventory because it is continually being improved through innovative thinking and input from a global community of industry leaders.

  • New perspectives are derived from a wide range of industries, markets, products and customer types
  • New capabilities are incorporated into Datalliance VMI several times a year
  • New capabilities are immediately available with no software upgrade required

This is a big reason why companies that consider VMI an important element of their sales and supply chain strategies consider Datalliance to be essential.