SKF 2017 VMI Forum

Datalliance is pleased to be participating in the SKF 2017 VMI Forum. As the Global VMI provider for SKF, Datalliance will discuss its VMI services while giving an overview of why manufacturers and distributors continue to grow their VMI programs. Carl Hall, Founder, President and CEO of Datalliance, will be presenting on Thursday, June 8.

SKF will be hosting this event at their plant in Tongeren, Belgium, June 7 - 8, 2017. This event is bringing together SKF's business partners from around Europe to give them insights into their Global Distributor Availablity Program and why VMI is an important part of that offering.

SKF’s Distributor Availability Program is a multi-faceted global program developed to support distributors as an efficient part of the total value chain (manufacturer – distributors – end customers). Its fundamental goal is to help distributors effectively promote and sell SKF, keep healthy inventory and reduce transactional costs. The program includes a number of collaborative processes for systematic analysis and management of the inventory of SKF products, automated stock planning and coordinated replenishment. VMI is the basis for the coordinated replenishment aspect of the program once assortments and service levels are mutually agreed between SKF and a distributor using, among other things, a tool SKF calls the SKF Stock Profiler.

To learn more about the success SKF has had with VMI, read their Success Story.